Monday, March 5, 2012

Time Flies

Goodness gracious!  It's been so long since I've blogged.
Time flies when you're having fun and then it drags and drags when you're sicker that sick.

For a couple of weeks we were super duper busy and having lots and lots of fun.  The hubs and I went on two spectacular dates (we saw The Artist, which I highly recommend!! and we had dinner and a fabulous restaurant, Bess' Bistro, in downtown Austin).  I even curled my hair!
Yes, that's me in old school curlers.  I have 4 kids people!  I don't have time to use one of those fancy curling irons.

And I mean who wouldn't want to look their best for this guy?  He makes me weak in the knees.
We celebrated my sweet grandmother's 80 birthday.  Her favorite color is purple (she wanted to paint her entire house purple) so we all wore purple and had a wonderful surprise party for her.
I took lots of pictures of her and her eyes were closed in every single one.  BTW, all my grandparents are still living.  I am so blessed that not only do I get to enjoy spending time with them, but my kids are getting to know them too.

Then the sickness hit.  We all got a stomach bug.  It went through us one at a time, just dragging out the misery.  So we had about 12 days of being home bound and the hubs and I cleaning puke off the floor because several little ones couldn't make it to the bathroom/bucket to save their lives.

I think we're finally back to being semi-normal (you can only be a little normal in our family), so things are looking up!  I might actually get to hit the gym tomorrow.  Oh my word.  Time alone at the gym.  I can't wait.

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