Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Hockey Season!!!!!

Today was so fun! I took my two littlest rugrats to hockey practice!  Our local team, The Texas Stars, plays minutes (literally like 2 minutes) from our house.  Today they had open practice so fans could come watch.  We love hockey and this was a great way to see them for free.  Yea!!  Games start in two weeks and we can't wait.

After the hockey practice we went and ran some errands (found a great thrift store) and had lunch.  Lunch sucked.  I didn't have time to get home and we stopped at Sonic.  I got a breakfast burrito and a Dr. Pepper.  Yeah, double suck.  I tried to make up for it with dinner.  I had some teriyaki tofu and then pulled out the juicer and juiced two gala apples and granny smith apple.  I added  Green Super Food Powder to the juice and gulped it down.  It was really sweet tonight.  Usually the powder makes it taste like, well, vegetables, but those must have been some mega sweet gala apples, because it was still super sweet.  Win!
I'm thinking about going all in vegetarian.  I haven't done it because there's no way the hubster will do it, but I think I can make meat for him and the kids and still do vegetarian for me.  Tell me, am I crazy?  We eat probably 3 vegetarian meals a week for dinner anyway, so it wouldn't be that big of a change.  Hmmmm....we'll see.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doing Things I Want to Do

Oh man, yesterday was a doozy! Four out of six of us were sick. There was lots of throw up going on and it was nasty. I have one little one that never seemed able to make it to the toilet. It was not fun. However, today has been much better. It must have been some weird 12 hour bug.

So, I wasn't just sitting around the past couple of weeks while not blogging. I actually did a couple of things that I've really been wanting to do for a while. I decided that my birthday was as good a reason as any do some things just for me. The first thing I did was get my hair dyed. And this wasn't just any dye job. It's purple! Well, not all of it is purple.  Just the tips.  I've been wanting to do a fun color in my hair for at least a year, but couldn't decide what I wanted.  Then I started seeing all these pictures of people with their hair "dipped" in a fun new color and I knew that's what I wanted.   So, I went to my hair dresser and she did the top my natural brown (maybe a little darker than natural) and then did the bottom purple.  It's really hard to tell in this picture, but trust me it looks super cool.  I love it.  If you're in the Austin area and your looking for a great place to get your hair done make sure you check out The Parlor Salon in Georgetown.  Faith is amazing! 
The next thing I did was get my nose pierced.  Again, I've been wanting to get this done a while, but was scared of the pain.  Then one of my friends got hers done and it looked great and she said it didn't hurt at all.  I didn't really believe her, but thought I might as well suck it up and go ahead and do it.  I did a lot of research and found the perfect place and the perfect piercer.  My friend was right.  It didn't hurt at all.  It was over so quickly and I've had no trouble with it.  Colleen at Diablo Rojo in Austin is fantastic.

One of the reasons that I had been putting of doing two things that I really wanted to do was because of my weight.  I kept telling myself that I'd get them done when I lost the weight and was proud of how I looked and could sport colored hair and a nose ring with confidence.  But you know what I've decided?  I am proud of myself right now!  I may not be happy with the number on the scale, but that only makes up a part of who I am.  There's a lot more to me than what I weigh.  I'm a really good mom and wife and I think I'm good friend too.  Overall, I'm a pretty cool person.  Putting off things that would really make me happy just because one area of my life isn't where I want it to be is ridiculous.  I don't deserve to treat myself badly just because I'm overweight.  So, you may be seeing a lot more fun things I do for me on this blog.  It's still a weight loss journey blog, but this is part of my journey.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Easiest Vegetarian Tacos Ever!

So, this may be the easiest vegetarian taco recipe ever.  This mom of 4 is always looking for easy and quick recipes AND if I'm correct the taco filling that you're going to make has about 70 calories per serving. So, score!

First you take a bag of frozen meatless crumbles (I use the Boca brand), jar of black beans, and a container of Pico de Gallo (I like the fresh stuff from my local grocery store and you can use any heat you want depending on how hot you want it...my kids like mild  : )
See... here's the awesome Pico!
Toss the meatless crumbles in the pan and cook.  Then toss in the black beans and cook until they're heated through.
Then add the container of Pico and cook again until heated through.
Then if you're truly blessed stick the mixture in a freshly made wheat tortilla (my grocery store makes these in the store and they're fantastic!).
Roll it up with some fat free sour cream, lettuce and extra cilantro.  So stinkin' yummy!

Easiest Vegetarian Tacos Ever

1 Bag Frozen Meatless Crumbles
1 Can Black Beans, drained and rinsed
1 Container fresh Pico de Gallo (choose your spicy level)

Cook meatless crumbles according to package directions, add black beans and cook until heated through (about 2 minutes), add pico de gallo and cook until heated through (about another two minutes).
Serve with warm tortillas, fat free sour cream, lettuce, and chopped cilantro.

Makes 10 servings.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm Still Working On It

Oh my goodness.  How has it been so long since I've posted?  It's just been crazy around here! 
Let's see....my two big kids started school and the schedule is about to kill all of us.  Seriously.  I have to get myself and the big boys up by 6:30 to get them to school by 7:20.  I'm not kidding when I tell you that every single morning when I wake my 6 year old up he rolls over and looks at me and says "Are you kidding me?!"  We're miserable.  We're not morning people.  Not.At.All.  The good thing about school is that I'm getting to spend some precious time with my two littler ones.  Time that often was interrupted when the big boys were at home.  I may have been designated as the coolest mom ever when I brought the boys sushi to school for lunch recently.  I'm just sayin'.
See Wyatt's little friend in the background eating his white bread sandwich while Wyatt chows on Sushi?  It was pretty funny.

Oh and let's not forget that after one week of school and the new awful schedule my sweet hubster had to go out of town for a week for work.  Umm...not just out of town, but to Washington D.C., my favorite place on earth.  And he didn't just go without me (thanks to the having two kids in school that can't go on vacation during school time), but he went on my birthday.  My 35th birthday.  Crap I tell you.  Crap.  Okay, so I was glad he got to go.  He was the keynote speaker to like 2000 people at a conference.  I just wish I could have been there with him instead of at home, getting kids up, putting them to bed, and cleaning up guinea pig poop.

I've been exercising like mad though.  I think I've hit the gym 5 days a week for the past three weeks.  That's been sweet.  I'm even doing weight training along with my cardio.  I've been having some heel trouble, so I haven't been running my Couch to 5K program, but I've been hitting the elliptical and bike pretty hard.

There are days that I'm still struggling with my food intake, but I'm really trying.  I'm hoping to see some payoffs of all my hard work in the near future.

Oh, I have a new recipe that's incredibly simple to share with you.  I'll do that Monday.  I promise I'll be back on Monday.