Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Hockey Season!!!!!

Today was so fun! I took my two littlest rugrats to hockey practice!  Our local team, The Texas Stars, plays minutes (literally like 2 minutes) from our house.  Today they had open practice so fans could come watch.  We love hockey and this was a great way to see them for free.  Yea!!  Games start in two weeks and we can't wait.

After the hockey practice we went and ran some errands (found a great thrift store) and had lunch.  Lunch sucked.  I didn't have time to get home and we stopped at Sonic.  I got a breakfast burrito and a Dr. Pepper.  Yeah, double suck.  I tried to make up for it with dinner.  I had some teriyaki tofu and then pulled out the juicer and juiced two gala apples and granny smith apple.  I added  Green Super Food Powder to the juice and gulped it down.  It was really sweet tonight.  Usually the powder makes it taste like, well, vegetables, but those must have been some mega sweet gala apples, because it was still super sweet.  Win!
I'm thinking about going all in vegetarian.  I haven't done it because there's no way the hubster will do it, but I think I can make meat for him and the kids and still do vegetarian for me.  Tell me, am I crazy?  We eat probably 3 vegetarian meals a week for dinner anyway, so it wouldn't be that big of a change.  Hmmmm....we'll see.

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