Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today I Conquered the Elliptical Machine

Today I went to the gym, just like every other day the past few weeks, but today was different. Today I conquered the elliptical machine. I used to have my hands tightly gripped around the neck of this machine and have full control over it.  I'd go for an hour on it and feel like I was in the best shape of my life.  Recently, it's felt like I was lying on the floor being kicked in the gut by the elliptical bully.  Today I fought back against the bully and won.  About 20 minutes into the interval program (which is 2 minutes of alternating highs and lows) I thought I might quit, but I powered through; 45 minutes later I was done.  I felt great.  It sucked in the middle, but I finished what I started and won.  Tomorrow I'm going to back to make sure the elliptical knows where it stands in the world.  I'm the queen of that mountain and I'll call the shots, thank you very much.

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