Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Year In Pictures

What a year 2011 has been... 

We spent lots of time with silly hair on the trampoline
Enjoying birthdays

First snows
Lots and Lots of bike rides
Going Roar like a Lion
Flying Kites
Growing our First Garden
Afternoons at the Bike Park

Silly Faces

More bike races

More Birthdays

Roses on in our Flower Bed

Trips to the Zoo

Lots and Lots of Climbing Obstacles

First Tomatoes in Our Garden
Family Camping Trips
Big Boy Camping Trips

Such Cuteness
Scarey Times when the baby's face swells and the doctor can't tell you what's wrong
Learning to Flip on the Trampoline
First day of school
Learning to go up and down the slide on your own
Celebrating everytime it rained during the worst drought

Afternoons at the Park

Playing Catch in the Backyard

Meeting Favorite Celebrities
Goofy Grins
Visiting Great-Grandparents that ALWAYS give you soda
Teaching Little Brothers to drive the "Monster Truck"
Decorating and devouring Christmas Cookies
Celebrating the Reason for Christmas

Enjoying Time Together

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