Monday, December 12, 2011

Meal Planning

Last week I had no meal plan at all.  I literally went to the grocery store every single day to buy what we needed that night for dinner.  I just couldn't seem to focus long enough to put something together for rest of the week.  I just got out of practice.  After my hernia surgery I had some really great friends bring us dinner every single night for two weeks.  I got so spoiled and now I'm having a hard time getting back in the habit of meal planning.  However, I know I need to.  Things just go such much better when I do.
So, I finally sat down this weekend and figured wrote one out.  I'm gonna head to the grocery store and get everything we need.  FYI...I usually only plan dinners because I throw together sandwiches and fruits/veggies for the kids and a salad or left overs for me for lunch.
If you're interested here's what we're having this coming week.
Monday: Italian Sausage and Goat Cheese Portobello Pizzas and Kale Chips. I've used both these recipes before and they're great.
Tuesday: Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Rice and Garlic Sauce with a side of broccoli (or another veggie if something else is on sale).  This is my own recipe which I've blogged about here.
Wednesday:  Salmon Cakes over Spinach and Arugula with a side of fresh fruit salad.  Again, the salmon cakes were blogged about here.
Thursday: Pomegranate and Honey Sweet, Salty and Sour Pulled Pork with Roasted New Potatoes and a Side Salad.  I'm most excited about this one.  I love pomegranates and my hubs loves pork, so I'm hoping this one will be a smashing success.
After this we get into a busy Christmas Party weekend.  I can't wait!
And, because no blog is complete without pictures here are a couple from our weekend.  We went to Main Street Bethlehem and were able to immerse ourselves into the world of Bethlehem at Jesus' time.  It was a fantastic way to be reminded of what Christmas is really about.  That God came in human form as a baby to rescue us.

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