Friday, January 20, 2012

I Ruined Date Night

As you know, one of my personal goals for 2012 was to plan 12 great date nights.  Last night was one of those nights.  We met some friends at a very nice restaurant for dinner and then went to see The Civil Wars at the Paramount Theater.  Amazing, right?
Wrong.  I ruined it.  It all started when my husband was running a few minutes late.  Instead of chilling out and getting things ready so that we'd be good to go when he did get home, I got stressed and mad, and frustrated and mean.  He walked in with pizza for our sitter and boys and I told him we needed to go.  No "glad your home, honey," no "thanks for getting the pizza," no kiss.  Just, "we need to go."  Then he walked back in the house with flowers.  Some of my favorite flowers.  I think I mumbled a thank you under my breath and repeated that we needed to go.  We got in the car, fought traffic in silence, and finally made it to the restaurant where we were meeting our friends.  It was packed, so I start to get more frustrated.  I'm short with him when he asks me questions.  I'm short with him when he makes some suggestions.  I was so unkind.  I knew he was upset and I really did absolutely nothing to make it better.
Then, we headed to the concert at one of the most beautiful theaters I've ever been in.  The opening act was AMAZING!  Seriously check them out, The Staves.  Then The Civil Wars came out and they rocked it.  One of my favorite concerts.  They're so good.  And the whole time I'm sitting there thinking about what a complete jerk I've been to my sweet husband all night and how this should have been a great night seeing one of our favorite groups perform live, and I'm ruining it.  Of course we're in the middle of a sold out performance, so it's not like I can lean over and apologize and try to make things right.  It just sucked. 
We had both been looking so forward to this night.  We paid our babysitter a lot of money to enjoy some time together, and we didn't really enjoy it.
Why did I do this? Honestly, I have no idea.  That's a lie.  I have an idea.  I haven't read my Bible in a few days and my attitude with everyone has been foul.  I'm short tempered, I'm cranky, I'm miserable to be around.  Notice the lack of blog posts this week?  Yeah, there's a reason.  I'm in no mood to air my crappy crapfest to anyone. 
We got home late and went to bed.  We got up this morning and went our separate ways.  I've got major repairs to do tonight to our relationship, but I'm not going to bed until they're done.  My husband deserves so much better from me.  He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, my warrior, my prince charming, my rock and roll heart throb.  And I'm his...well, last night I was his adversary.  I tore him down and stomped on him.  I love this man of mine and he's worth every apology I need to make, worth every tear I'll probably shed, worth every bit of me, and worth so much more.

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