Monday, January 9, 2012

Working On My Goals

Last week I started working on the goals that I set up for 2012.  Overall I think I did fairly well.  
Here's a quick run down on some of the things I worked on. 
Personal Goals 
Love Jesus More--It's really neat to see how God really knows our heart and wants to give us what we ask for.  I know Jesus wants me to love Him more, and He knows I want that too.  I lead a mom's group through my church and this morning we had a leadership meeting.  We're getting ready to start a new book and they told us that the main goal of this time we're going to spend together is that we will love Jesus more.  I love it!  

Read the Bible Daily--I've done better on this one than I ever have in the past.  Usually I make it two or three days and then start skipping, but I've read my Bible every single day this week.  I can honestly say that it's made a huge difference in my attitude and affected working on my other goals.

Read the Bible to My Boys Daily--We've only missed one night of reading the Bible to the boys and that was because we were out really late and they were exhausted and ready for bed.  They're loving the time we're taking to read to them and they're asking lots of questions about the stories were reading.  I love seeing their enthusiasm for God.

Read 12 Books--I'm currently reading Missional Moms, so that will be the first book I complete this year.  I'm going to review it when I'm done (I've got three chapters left).

Plan 12 Dates with My Hubs--I've started brainstorming different ideas for fun dates (not just dinner and a movie) and I think I've got some good ones.  I've already got January's date all planned out and I'm working on February.  I can't wait to post about them!

Plan 12 Family Days/Nights--We spent Saturday hiking around Lake Georgetown as a family.  It was so fun.  The weather was perfect (mid-70s) and we had a blast spending time together.  

Say Yes to My Kids More--The boys are always asking to go to the bike park.  It's a huge pain.  It used to be better because I had borrowed a friends bike carriage and could load up the little two and we'd all ride to the park together, but I had to give that back because they needed it and so now I don't have one.  So, I have to load the bikes in the back of my car (they barely fit) and haul it all to the park.  However, I decided to stick to my goal and say yes.  I picked the boys up at school on Friday and surprised them with already having the bikes in the car and taking them to park.  We spent a great afternoon racing up and down the dirt tracks and hills.  I'm so glad I said yes!

Keep the House Cleaner--Um, this is a work in progress, but I am working on it.  

Encourage My Hubs on a More Consistent Basis--I haven't been great about this one.  My goal for this week is to do at least one unexpected thing that encourages him.

Encourage My Boys on a More Consistent Basis--I actually read an article last week that talked about how to encourage your kids and it had some really great information.  One of the things it said was that as the kids get older you have to get more specific in your encouragement.  For instance, when my oldest held the baby's hand in the parking lot instead of saying, "thanks for helping" I said, "thank you for holding his hand.  It made it a lot easier for me to get everyone in the car and I really appreciated that you took care of him without me having to ask you to do it."  He's taken his little brother's hand every single time we've been in the parking lot since then.  That one statement made a huge impact to him.  I've also been doing similar things with the other two and I'm seeing great results.

Manage Our Money (Stay on Top of the Budget)--Again, working on this one, but the book I'm reading has some good ideas and I'm looking forward to sharing how I put them to practice when I review the book.

Find a Way to Get Involved in the Fight Against Human Trafficking--I'm doing lots of research and I've done a blog post about this.  I'm also praying that God will provide opportunities for me to get involved.
Health/Fitness Goals
5+Fruits/Veggies a Day--I haven't done well in this one yet, but that's because of my wisdom teeth surgery.  I saw my oral surgeon on Friday though and he gave me the go ahead to eat normal food, so this should be better this week.

100 ounces of Water a Day--I haven't reached this yet, but I'm definitely seeing improvement.  I think it will happen this week.

Exercise 5 Times a Week--DONE!  Woohoo!  I hit the gym four times and I'm counting our hike as exercise because it was almost two miles.

Run a 5K--I am doing the Couch to 5k program and it's going great.  I think I'll be moving to week two this week.

Run a 10K--Still working on the 5k, but I know I'll get there.

Run a Half Marathon--See above.

Get Under 150 pounds--I lost 4 pounds this week, but I know it's because my food intake was pretty limited due to my wisdom teeth removal, so I'm expecting a little bit of it to come back on.  I know I'll do this!

Try Bikram Yoga--Not yet, I need to get a little more confidence.

Try a Body Pump Class--See above : )

Try an RPM Class--See above : )
Complete a 10 Day Detox--I'm trying to decide when a good time to do this will be, but I'm thinking sometime before Valentines.

Blog 5 Times a Week--Working on it : )

Here are some pictures from our fun times this weekend.

At the bike park!

 Enjoying a family hike!

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