Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twelve in 2012!!

First off, I made it to the gym today!  It's been forever (at least it feels that way) and it was so good to get back.  I'm determined to do the Couch to 5K program, so I started it over (again).  Unfortunately, I didn't finish what I had planned.  I wanted to do all of Week 1, Day 1 today, but 20 minutes into it I thought I might throw up so I stopped running and just walked the last 10 minutes.  I have to say I'm actually proud of myself for not stopping all together.  I think the problem was with what I had eaten today.  I'm still to scared to try solid food, since I'm not totally healed from having my wisdom teeth out.  So, all I had eaten was two scrambled eggs and some chocolate pudding.  Yep, not great things to be sitting on your stomach while you attempt to run for the first time in ages.  Oh and have I mentioned that the anti-biotics pain meds may be doing a number on my stomach too?  Good times here people, good times.
Anyway, I went back.  It felt good.  I'm going back tomorrow.

I'm not usually one to do big New Year's Resolutions, but I decided this year needed to be different, so I came up with a 12 in 2012 list.  It's actually, 24 (12 personal goals and 12 health/fitness goals), but for the sake of sounding better it's 12 in 2012.  Just go with it.

Drumroll please...(in no particular order...except the first)

12 in 2012

Personal Goals 
Love Jesus More
Read the Bible Daily
Read the Bible to My Boys Daily
Read 12 Books
Plan 12 Dates with My Hubs
Plan 12 Family Days/Nights
Say Yes to My Kids More
Keep the House Cleaner
Encourage My Hubs on a More Consistent Basis
Encourage My Boys on a More Consistent Basis
Manage Our Money (Stay on Top of the Budget)
Find a Way to Get Involved in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Health/Fitness Goals
5+Fruits/Veggies a Day
100 ounces of Water a Day
Exercise 5 Times a Week
Run a 5K
Run a 10K
Run a Half Marathon
Get Under 150 pounds
Try Bikram Yoga
Try a Body Pump Class
Try an RPM Class
Complete a 10 Day Detox
Blog 5 Times a Week

These are all things I desperately want to do this year.  I'll probably explain some of them in future blogs, but some are pretty self explanatory.  I am excited about 2012 and have full confidence that it's going to be a great year!

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