Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chicken Teriyaki that Rocked My Socks

So, last week I posted about how I had found a yummy smokey ranch dressing and was excited to try their Sesame Garlic Dressing.  I wanted to try and replicate the oh so delicious teriyaki I had while on vacation in Seattle.  I was pretty worried because I had high expectations and just grabbing a bottle of sauce off the shelf at the super market didn't seem like a great idea.  I finally decided to go ahead and take the Sesame Garlic plunge because it was fairly cheap and if it didn't work out it wouldn't be like I had spent a lot of time in the kitchen creating the sauce on my own.  No big deal.  Tonight was the night.  I used some premade teriyaki sauce from Target (Archer Farms brand) that had simple ingredients and nothing scary.  I cut up some chicken breasts and cooked the strips in olive oil until they were brown.  Then I tossed it all in the teriyaki sauce and heated it all up in the wok again.   I served the chicken over brown rice.  Next came the big trial.  Would the Sesame Garlic Sauce live up to all my hopes and dream?  OH MY WORD!  It was fantastic!  Seriously, I'm thinking about writing the SASS Sisters and thanking them from the bottom of my heart.  Not only did they create an AH-MAZING sauce that lived up to my every hope, they did it using ingredients that won't kill me.  The sauce is made from things like canola oil, vinegar, sesame seeds, spices.  Nothing crazy or scary at all.  I am so super happy with this healthy meal and my family loved it.  It's definitely going into regular rotation around here.

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