Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Feelings....I have them.  Lots of them.  And some times they get hurt.  Having 4 little boys that don't think at all about what comes out of their mouths I've learned to let a lot of things slide.  But.sometimes.I.just.can't.  When that happens I usually turn to food.  Lots.of.food. 
The last three days of stunk.  Stunk big time and I've had lots of hurt feelings.  However, this time I haven't turned to food.  I'm not sure what's changed, but I just haven't done it.  It wasn't anything intentional, but it just hasn't happened.  Tonight I realized that through all my hurt I haven't once walked to the pantry and just started eating like I normally do.  That's a BIG deal for me.  A really huge deal for me.  The hurt is still there.  As a matter of fact I feel like crying as I write this and I probably should.  It would probably be good for me.  But when does a momma of four have time to cry?  Hurt feelings will pass eventually, and right now I'm feeling proud of the fact that I haven't turned to food.  It's nice to feel good about something in the midst of the hurt.

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