Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Staying Motivated

I really struggle with staying motivated.  I feel like it's a never ending struggle and I wonder if it will always be like this, even when I reach my goal weight.  I've been trying to come up with ways to keep my motivation going and one of the things that seems to be working at the moment is putting together outfits that I wouldn't wear right now, but wouldn't hesitate to wear when I reach my goal.  I've been using Polyvore to create these uber cool outfits online.  Have you used Polyvore?  I'd never heard of it until last week.  It has rocked my socks off.  I love it.  For real.

Here are a couple of the outfits that I've put together.  Whenever I think about eating the wrong thing or not exercising I picture these outfits in my mind and it helps get me through.
I'd love to wear the first outfit while running errands on the weekend.  Right now I would never wear sandals that wrap around my ankles because I feel like I have fat ankles.  That little "believe" necklace is so dang awesome.  I need it....bad!  A little reminder around my neck to believe in myself and the things I've accomplished when I reach my goal weight would be killer.   I also just don't put that much thought into my errand running outfits, but I think looking cute even while running errands would be super.

Ummm...okay.  I would never not in a million years, not for a million dollars wear this outfit right now.  You need a smokin' hot body to pull of red skinny jeans and leather jacket.  One day I will have that smokin' hot body and then I'm gonna rock this little number.  I'm gonna walk my smokin' hot behind right next to my smokin' hot husband and feel great about myself and how I look.

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