Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Film: Food Matters

Have you seen the film FoodMatters?  You should.  Really.  You really really should.  It's all about Super foods, organic foods, food as medicine, how we should consume our food and just being healthy.  There was a lot of information in it that I had never heard before.  Super foods for instance.  Maybe I've been living under a rock (that's easy for me to do with 4 little ones), but seriously I knew nothing about them.  This movie really opened my eyes about the foods out there that are not just good for you, but that can be life changing.  I strongly suggest you check it out.  If you're serious about your health, seriously, check it out.  By the way, they also have a great informative website where you can gets loads of information.
**I wasn't paid to do this little write up.  I just happened to come across the film on Netflix and decided to watch it and write a review.**

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