Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's be honest...Food and Exercise Log Days 7 and 8

Okay so here it comes.  Sunday and Monday were not great.  Sunday was Easter and while my eating was completely out of control it wasn't great either.  I didn't eat breakfast (big mistake) then for lunch we had fajitas.  We had premarinated chicken and I'm sure they were completely loaded with salt/sodium.  I didn't have any cheese with them, but I did have guacamole.  Also, the tortillas were not whole wheat. I had a side of black beans.  For dinner we had our traditional Easter dinner....ham, potatoes, salad.  You know the works.  I wouldn't say I gorged myself, but come on honesty here.  I ate potatoes that were smothered in sour cream and cheese.  Not exactly healthy.  I did NOT however pig out on Easter candy.  that came later....
On Monday I just wasn't hungry.  I had coffee for breakfast and that was it.  Around lunch time I still wasn't too hungry but I decided to have something.  I made a fresh apple carrot juice and added my TRI Cleanse and Green Superfood Raw Powder.  I still wasn't hungry.  Monday night I met some girls out for girls night.  Here's where it kind of fell apart.  We went to California Pizza Kitchen.  Oh my word.  I've never been there before and so I decided to get what everyone said was the best pizza.  That was the Thai Chicken Pizza.  It was soooo good, but I know it was so bad for me.  During the day I started eating way too many dark chocolate m&m's.  Half way thru the bowl I realized what I was doing and threw the rest in the trash.  Unfortunately that same tactic didn't work as I found some mini reese's cups.  I think I ate about 10 of those.
The baby is still running fever, so no gym and no work out for this mama. 
I weigh myself daily, but my official weigh in day is Monday.  During the week I had lost over a pound and a half.  However, Monday I was back up to where I started at 186.6.  My goal is to see that number below 185 by next Monday.
Grrr...  Yeah, honesty...it's not so great....but what's the point if  I'm not honest about what I'm doing.

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