Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Alive!....

I didn't fall over and hit my head yesterday when I weighed in!  Instead I got the following text yesterday afternoon from my hubs, "Want to do dinner/date night tonight?  Put the kids to bed, then eat?  Maybe watch a movie and never crack open a computer? : )"  Who am I to say no to that?!  So, we let the kids eat, then we ate, and watched The Fighter.  Oh my word I loved this movie.  One of my favorite parts may have been during the credits though.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?  Don't worry that I skipped posting yesterday.  I'm still going to fill you in on all the details!

So, I did my weekly weigh in.  I've actually tried to be really good and only weigh once a week so that I don't obsess about the number.  I wasn't expecting great things (in fact I was expecting bad things) because of having my period and the crap I had eaten.  I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed in at 184 (even).  Just in case you're counting that's a .2 lb loss.  Yep, not much at all, but considering everything it's pretty cool.  Especially if I look at the fact that I haven't gained back an ounce of detox weight.  That's pretty freakin' amazing.

I started my morning yesterday with steel cut oatmeal topped with ground flax seed, nonfat vanilla yogurt, slivered almonds, and blueberries.

Ummm....I'm having a mild obsession with this breakfast.  Someone may need to stage an intervention.  I may be buying stock in McCann's Irish Oatmeal.  I'm just sayin'.  Lord, help me.   I love it, here's my empty mug just crying out for more.

For lunch I took the left over quinoa from the night before and added canned albacore tuna, arugula, chopped red onion, chopped cilantro, crumbled nonfat feta (I'm out of my beloved goat cheese) and squeezed fresh lime juice all over it.  It was fantastic.  So easy and so good.

I'll confess that I did no exercise yesterday.  I was tired and grumpy (thank you pms), so instead I did this...
Made a big super fun tent in our living room and let the boys watch a double feature (Night at Museum and Night at the Museum:  Battle at the Smithsonian).  They loved it and I got some peace an quiet to read.

For dinner last night we had lemon orzo salad.  It was decent, but not a lot of flavors.  Probably won't be making it again (although one of my kids loved it and had seconds).

On to today!!!!!!!!!

This morning we were in such a rush!  All of us over slept and were rushing around like crazy to get the hubs to work.  So I grabbed a Nature Valley Granola Bar and my bottle of water to eat for breakfast on the way to drop him off.  Ugh.....I was really missing my steel cut oats.

After dropping him off we went to the gym and I hit the treadmill.  It was the hardest of the three runs I've done this week.  I think it was a combination of my period (are you ready for me to stop talking about that yet?), not eating a great breakfast, and not being well hydrated.  I drank a lot of water while I ran, but not a lot before.  Here's how it ended up....
 I'm still on week one of Couch to 5k.  However, even though it was a really hard run, if you look back you'll see that I actually improved.  My first run this week I did 1.76 miles in 30 minutes, the second run I did 1.82 miles in 30 minutes, and this time I did 1.86 miles in 30 minutes.  So, each time it's an improvement.  I'm super happy about that.  I'm hoping that I have time to go in the morning and do another day of week one and then move to week two on Monday.  At the end of my run today I wasn't quite ready to quit so I hopped on one of the bikes for 20 minutes.  I don't remember how far it said I went, but I did the interval program and the hills with resistance were challenging.  I was definitely continuing to sweat.

After my workout I had some Advocare Spark (Pink Lemonade).  I have never had this drink before, but a friend of mine sells it and I have a lot of other friends that use it and love it.  I get so sleepy in the afternoons and since I've given up coffee I decided to try this.  Okay, I know it has caffeine, just like coffee, but I'm not adding milk and sugar and a bunch of other stuff (high fructose corn syrup) to it.  So, I feel better about it.  It's sugar free, you put it in water, it's 45 calories and it taste great.  I have to say that this afternoon I didn't have any problems feeling sleepy.  I also didn't get jittery or have any other problems.  I really liked it.  ***Just fyi, I'm not trying to promote my friend's business.  The link I posted takes you to the official Advocare website and isn't for my friend.  I paid for the product because I wanted to try it.  I was not given anything to write about this.***

During lunch we were out running errands (after being in the house for two days with out a car I needed to get out and get some things done!).  So, I had to make a choice between some fast food places to eat.  We ended up stopping by Chick-fil-a.  I was a little worried that my hunger, pmsbun with no condiments.  Instead of fries I had a fruit bowl and instead of my usual sweet tea I got an unsweet tea.  Progress at the drive-thru!!!

Dinner was part healthy and part not so healthy.  I made egg muffins following  this recipe that I found via pinterest.  I followed the majority of the recipe, adding 4 pieces of turkey bacon (chopped up), low fat shredded cheddar cheese, and chopped red bell pepper.  I didn't use paper cupcake liners like she said to do, but I really sprayed my pan and once they were done I used a sharp knife to loosen the edges and didn't have a problem with them sticking.  Also, I had way more than I could use in 12 muffin cups.  I ended up making 18.  Everyone really seemed to like them.  Even the baby ate two of them.   My hubs also made some pancakes and I had two small ones with sugar free syrup.

I am so ready for this weekend!  We're working on changing up our bedroom and the boys' bedroom.  The two older boys will be sharing a room and the two younger boys will be in a room together.  They're all super excited, but the hubs is dreading moving the bunk bead. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  What does everyone have planned?

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