Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Girl with A Plan

We have a great group of friends.  There are 5 of us (couples...10 people total) that get together at least once a week for dinner and just talk about life, God, family, marriage, etc.  It's awesome.  We love these people.  Last week we decided that we were going to really dig in and "do life" together.  So, this coming week we're going to be eating dinner every night together and spend some time talking about what's really going on in our lives.  I can't wait.
However, I've realized that this could completely wreck my eating.  I'm going to have to be totally on my game this next week if I'm going to see any weight come off and make sure none comes on.  So...I made a plan.  I can't control what's served for dinners this week, but I can control my portions and what I eat before we go to dinner.
Here's my plan of attack:
Breakfast-1/2 Cup Oatmeal, 1 tbsp Chia Seeds, ½ Cup Blueberries
Lunch-Smoked Salmon on Whole Wheat Tortilla with Spinach and Light Laughing Cow, Apple
Dinner-Dinner with friends at Brick Oven Pizza
Breakfast-Oat Porridge (Eat Clean Cookbook 2, pg 35)
Dinner-  Dinner with Friends at their house
Breakfast-Eggs with Salsa in Whole Tortilla
Lunch-Smoked Salmon on Whole Wheat Tortilla with Salad Greens and Light Laughing Cow, Grapes
Dinner-Dinner with Friends at their House
Breakfast-Metabolic Reset Shake
Lunch-Salmon Salad over Salad Greens
Dinner-Dinner with Friends at OUR HOUSE!---Serving Grilled Chicken Greek Quinoa Salad, Spinach and Arugula Salad (Friends will bring drinks and dessert!)
Breakfast-Oat Porridge
Lunch-left over quinoa salad
Dinner-Dinner with Friends at Their House
Breakfast-Eggs with Salsa in Whole Wheat Tortilla
Lunch-Veggie Burger over Greens, Apple

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