Monday, July 25, 2011

Life After Detox...

So let's start with the Final Stats for the Detox:
Day 1: 190 lbs
Day 2: 188.8 lbs (-1.2 lbs)
Day 3: 186.6 lbs (-3.4 lbs)
Day 4: 186.2 lbs (-3.8 lbs)
Day 5: 187.6 lbs (-2.4 lbs)
Day 6: 186.8 lbs (-3.2 lbs)
Day 7: 186 lbs (-4 lbs)
Final Weigh In For Detox Results:  184.6 lbs (-5.4 lbs)

I lost a total of 5.4 pounds in 7 days on the detox.  That's pretty stinkin' good!  I've never lost that much in one week.  It's not the ten or fifteen pounds I've heard of other people losing, but it's great.  I'm totally happy with it because it's something I think I can maintain.  That would be awesome if I just kept losing and didn't gain it all back. 

I want to share some of thoughts on the detox now that it's over. 

First, it was hard.  Dang hard.  There were nights that I wanted a big greasy hamburger so bad that I felt like I might crawl out of my skin.  But I made it through to the other side.  I had headaches, but I made through.  I was grumpy, but I made it through.  I wanted to give up, but my husband got me refocused on the goal and I made it through.  I made it through and it was worth it!

Here's a couple of things I learned:
1.  I'm addicted to crappy food.  Seriously.  The withdrawal from nasty food the first couple of days was torture.  I felt like crap.  I've got to give that stuff up.  I don't want to be addicted to anything. 
2.  I don't need near the amount of food I think I do.  I got to point on the detox that I wasn't starving all the time.  I've heard of your stomach shrinking as you eat less and I don't know if that's what happened, but I definitely don't need the amount of food I was putting in my body every single day to be satisfied. 
3.  You have to do things your own way.  If I would have tried to do the detox exactly like Tosca Reno did and blogged about on her blog I would have dropped out the second day.  I had to make it my own and include fruit.  Find what works for you and do it.

Final thoughts on the detox:
I'm so glad I did it!  I'll definitely do it again.  I think next time I'll follow the Reboot Program and do the the Standard Reboot.  I can definitely feel the benefits of what I did and think the Reboot Program would be even more beneficial.  I'm thinking right after Christmas when we are all bombarded with food would be a good time to do the Reboot and maybe right before summer as we're getting ready for swimsuit season.  We'll see what works into my life at that point.

I'm really happy with where the scale ended up.  My goal was not to lose a ton of weight.  It was to rest my body.  Get the crappy food out and prepare my body with a clean slate for the good food.  Your body will work even better with good healthy food if there's no junk in the way. 

Moving on from here...I am ready!  This has shown me that I can do amazing things with food if I'm determined.  Yes, I'll screw up and eat junk every once and a while, but it won't blow me completely off my game and I won't get so side tracked that I don't know how to get back on the right track. 

For example here's what I ate today:
I started the day with whole wheat toast and a tablespoon of 100% fruit jelly, along with an over easy egg.  I couldn't wait to end the detox and eat an egg!  Yummy!  By the way, you'll notice no coffee here.  I was without coffee the entire detox and I feel like I've got the caffeine monster beat.  My goal is to no go back to it.
For lunch...oh my word!  Remember when I shared this picture with you about how 400 calories of different food stacks up in your stomach.  People I am taking that information to heart.  I want to get the most out of my calories!  So today I had a huge salad with green leaf lettuce, spinach, arugula.  I tossed it with a little of the good extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped it all with a veggie burger and some fat free feta cheese.  At the end I was stuffed and it only came to about 300 calories!  Perfect!
For dinner I went out with some girl friends for a girls night out.  It was a super fun kid free night.  We went to Daily Grill, which has a super cheap happy hour.  I had a plate of seared ahi tuna and then I split a plate of garlic, rosemary and Parmesan fries.  Super yummy.  I also had a couple of bites of a friends mac and cheese, another bite of her brownie, and another bite of another friends key lime pie.  I didn't order dessert because I knew I'd devour the whole thing.  Oh and I had a couple of awesome drinks  : )
I think it was a great day back to eating good healthy food.  I'm excited about where I'm going to go from here!

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