Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fish...It's What's For Dinner

Today kinda sucked.  I woke up at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep.  Then I had to take all 4 kids to the doctor for 1 of them to get a well check.  We were running late so there wasn't time for breakfast (for them...I had plenty of time, remember the 4:30am wake up).  I promised them donuts if they were good at the doctors office.  Seriously, put me and 4 kids in a 6x10 doctors room and I'll promise them anything if they're good.  So, they were good and I took them to Krispy Kreme.  I bought a dozen donuts.  For 4 kids.  Yeah, there's no way they're eating all of those.  So, I had one.  Then I had another one.  Then I felt sick.  Then I felt super tired (hello sugar crash, plus getting up at 4:30am).  So, I put on a movie for the kids and laid down on the couch and fell asleep.  Yeah, I'm going to be winning that mother of the year award any moment now. 
After the suck fest day I needed a healthy dinner, but seriously who wants to cook after a day like that.  Thank the Lord for Costco's Tortilla Crusted Cilantro Tilapia.  That's some rockin' fish and it's like 100 and something calories.  Sweet.  So, I had the tilapia with some watermelon and grapes.  I'm feeling much better.  I might even get in some Yoga before bed, but I'm not making any promises.

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