Thursday, July 14, 2011

Down Went the Plan

It had been going so well, right?  I was following the plan, I was plugging along, and then boom!  Today hit and it all went out the door.  I started the day out with some Life Cereal in 1% Milk along with some coffee, milk and my new creamer.  Not in the plan, but not too terrible.  Then we took the hubs to work and I decided to go shopping at a home decor store that is no where near our house.  It totally threw off the rest of the day.  We were running late to swim lessons after going to the store so I stopped at Sonic to pick up lunch for the kids.  I got a small diet dr pepper, but ending up eating half of my sons grilled cheese and some fries.  Yeah, not on the plan at all.  Then after swim lessons we came home and I was starving.  So, what did I do?  Did I have some fruit like I knew I should have?  Heck no!  I made some nachos with ground beef and guacamole.  Yep, not on the plan one bit. 
I will say that I did much better at dinner.  I had one serving of the meal our friends made and called it a night (even though I was still a little hungry).  I know my salt intake from today is going to make me swell like mad.
I'm honestly not sure what happened today.  I've been doing so well and overcoming the temptations as I faced them, but today I totally gave in.  Here's the great news though:  TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY!  I get to start over from scratch and not worry about today.  YEAH!! 
See you all tomorrow for a new fantastic day!  Oh yeah, before I forget...I am going to start the detox on Saturday.  We'll see what happens!

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