Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 5 of the Detox Complete...

Let's start with the stats:
Day 1: 190 lbs
Day 2: 188.8 lbs (-1.2 lbs)
Day 3: 186.6 lbs (-3.4 lbs)
Day 4: 186.2 lbs (-3.8 lbs)
Day 5: 187.6 lbs (- 2.4 lbs)
Yep, so my weight went up.  After last nights cheating I knew it would.  I wasn't surprised or upset and it just helped me get back on track today.

I woke up today so thirsty.  I guess there was a lot of salt in that food I had last night.  I drank 64 ounces of water with no problem today.
For breakfast I some awesome citrus juice.  Today's juice included a whole navel orange, a half grapefruit, and 1/4 pineapple.  It was super yummy.

I really wasn't hungry most of the day so I just went about my business and didn't worry about it.  Around dinner time I finally started getting hungry so I made another juice.  This one had one fuji apple, one green apple, one stalk celery, one bunch spinach, three kale leaves, and one carrot.  I had never juiced kale before.  It doesn't produce a lot of juice, but what I made was still really good.

I would never normally consume this little of food, but I seriously haven't been hungry. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be starving. I kind of feel like my stomach's getting smaller and it doesn't take as much to keep me full anymore. That's a great thing in my book.
On to some more exciting news. I got new pillows for our couch today. I think I've mentioned before that we're redecorating. We bought a couch about three weeks ago and I've been having the hardest time finding pillows to go with it. Today I hit the jackpot at World Market. I'm super happy with them and the hubster loves them. He even bought me a nice new rug to go with them. Score!  I can't wait until we're done with the downstairs so I can move on to the upstairs!

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